What makes your day better? Bacon, rainbows, magenta? Enter yours below to add to the list. Please keep it clean kids.

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Katie from says

Cuddles from my kitties make everything better.

eusebius1130 from says

A magical potion that could keep you from thinking abou makes everything better.

Petterson und Findus from says

Pfannekuchentorte makes everything better, literally. H.

Sandro from says

Kohlrabi makes everything better, literally.

mining diamonds says

Minecraft makes everything better.

Natalie from says

Her kisses make everything better.

Farah from says

A good night's sleep makes everything better, literally.


MONEY makes everything better.

Coco from says

Smiles make everything better.

JJ from says

Whisky makes everything better.

Caleb from says

Microsoft Surface makes everything better.

Jan from says

Dexter makes everything better.